Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#DeltaCon Leader Board

Here are the current leaders in the "Blog the Convention" contest. These scores are ONLY for the "blog the most" portion of the competition. A leader board will be posted for the "blog the best" section later in the week.

PLEASE NOTE: These numbers are as of 9 AM Wednesday. They are also unverified. If you feel there has been an error, please let us know, but scores will be reviewed and verified before winners are announced.

1. Robin Miller- 16 entries TIE
2. Jillian Phillips- 16 entries TIE
3. @cuppycakepie- 10 entries
4. Allie Reznik- 9 entries
5. Corey Hamilton- 7 entries


  1. I tried it from my Twitter account, but I don't seem to be coming up either on the sidebar or in Twitter. Do I need to follow something?

  2. @ Lonely Philologist- Sometimes they don't show up in search if your account is new or if there is a server glitch or something. If you send a tweet to @sigmatdsa1 I can follow you so at least I will see your tweets, and hopefully they will start showing up soon.