Thursday, March 8, 2012

Convention 2012 Top 10

by Allie Reznik
Student Advisor, 2011-2013

10. Strolling the oil lamp lit streets of NOLA.

9. Enjoying Cafe du Monde twice a day, everyday.

8. Lauren informing us that one of the Twitter contestants asked @EnglishCon out on a date.

7. Seeing brilliant deltans struggle with those tricky smart elevators.

6. Learning at the board meeting that Sigma Tau Delta is now the second largest honor society in the nation!

5. "Feast!"

4. "Honing ones empathy from the personal to the collective" -Anthony Doerr on literature

3. Networking in all of the fantastic Student Leadership workshops!

2. "Poetry allows us to not only touch the intellect but also the heart." -Natasha Tretheway

1. Toss up between "Show me your wits," "I like big books," and Bil Johnson scandalously exposing his leg!


  1. Th elevators got me every time. And I'm in the chapter who did the "Show me your wits/I like Big Books" skit! I'm so glad it's in your number one spot :)

  2. I maintains the makers of the elevators use the term "smart" loosely.