Monday, October 3, 2011

Reflections on the 2011 Fall Board of Directors meeting

Alexandra Reznik
Student Advisor, 2011-2012
Duquesne University


Kelsey Hixson-Bowles
Student Advisor, 2011-2012
Kansas State University

"Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?"

Indeed, Louis, we do. During this year's Fall Board Meeting, the Student Leadership Committee scoped out the intoxicating sights, smells and tastes of this vibrant southern city. We also met and collaborated in committee meetings to plan for the next year's convention. Included below is a preview of what you can expect.

We still plan to include all of the traditional Sigma Tau Delta conference favorites, from the Open Mic on Wednesday night, Dry T-Shirt and Bad Poetry Contest on Thursday night, in-hotel events (TBD) for Friday night, and the Student Leadership Reception and Gala on Saturday night.

Student Leadership will also be hosting workshops during the convention to satisfy all interests from exploring the infinite career possibilities with an English or creative writing degree, to applying to graduate school, to building inter-chapter relations, to a Student Leadership roundtable where you will have the opportunity to connect with your Student Advisors, Student Representatives, and Associate Student Representatives.

Don't know who your regional student leaders are? Click here to learn more about them.

With all of these activities we hope to (going along with this year's conference theme) "Reawaken" your interests and involvement with Sigma Tau Delta. The animated city of New Orleans will also reawaken your literary interests, as it is the home city of Truman Capote and Anne Rice.
We can't help but emphasize that your taste buds will be rejuvenated as well. Student Leaders visited amazing restaurants such as Red Fish Grill (famous for oysters and sausage alligator gumbo).

MeKoi Scott eating a po boy

If you're interested in an elite dining experience, visit The Court of the Two Sisters (an expansive menu including shrimp and grits, escargot and delicious drinks).


You can't leave New Orleans without visiting the original French Market stand Cafe du Monde where you can get ridiculously amazing (and cheap!) beignets and coffee.


And for those of you of age...beware of the local specialty drink, the hurricane.

Allie Reznick

We look forward to seeing you this February, where you will get to answer Louis' question for yourself!

Over the next few days we will be posting reflections from Student Leadership. Please enjoy the first of this series below:

“New Orleans is a splendid mix of old and new sprinkled liberally throughout the city.  The food is exceptionally good, whether it's a little hole in the wall or a 5-star restaurant.  The people are every bit as warm as a bowl of gumbo!  They couldn't be nicer. 
Needless to say, I'm looking forward to convention--if nothing else, to get another crawfish etoufee omelet!”

–Deborah Dessaso, Alumni Representative

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